A Majority of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana


While one of the news agencies published a poll with almost identical results within the past year this poll from Pew is probably the most comprehensive and best poll out yet  on the matter.

A full 52% of americans believe cannabis should be legal, while only 45% believe it should not be- leaving 3% undecided.

But more intersting to me in the Pew Poll (here) are some of the more nuanced questions on the issue.

And I guess this is the point where I offer an apolgy to many on the conservative side of the spectrum. Because I, and many in the marijuana movement- as well as I would say many in our local, state, and federal government- from politicians to judges to law enforcement have horribly misjudged their sentiment:



So, it would seem, despite “common wisdom” conservatives are less hypocritical then we have been led to…

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